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Lady Braan has and is a blessing in many ways. She unapologetically speaks the truth with love. I can honestly say when I was in my pit I felt no one understand what I was going through. Not only did she know first hand she gave me “the truth” with love even if it hurt. It was for my good. She is a fire starter and prayer warrior. She has pulled things out of me that I didn’t know was in me. I recall a time I was having a “moment” after I had said everything I wanted to say, Lady Braan politely says “are you finished” now pray get out your feelings and do what God called you to do. Her push,love and prayers has blessed me.

T. Love

Your ministry had blessed my life in so many ways. Mainly because it's your life! You really live this thing, it doesn't stop at the pulpit. To see how you've struggled and persevered, hurt and been hurt but grown through, managed to encourage even when your tired and weary... God shows me how real he is, in part, through watching you manage through life, that has been how you've ministered to me, and I am so grateful to have an example of his love through you!

I. Graves

Angela Braan Ministries has truly been a blessing to me. I’ve grown tremendously, been pushed out of my comfort zone, encouraged and pruned. I don’t take it lightly that the Lord led me to her and her ministry.

E. Brice

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